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Photo by Desert Raven Photography, NYC

Nightswim is Fin Leavell

Texas born. Colorado raised. Florida transplant. California ripened.

Nightswim is a celebration of life living amongst the stars!

It all started in Los Angeles, CA as an experiment in songwriting. You can hear this full experiment in the form of the 'Color Stardust' EP release which was written, recorded & mixed entirely in a Hollywood bedroom.

Not content with bedroom studio antics, Fin traveled to Jacksonville, FL for a new studio. It's here that the next release was recorded.

Fin, along with an entire crew of musicians and engineers, embarked to record almost twenty songs.

Eight of these songs were released as the 'I'm Not on the Moon' full-length album, and two cover songs made it onto compilation releases.

Since the release of I'm Not on the Moon, Fin has been recording the next full length, this time in St. Augustine, FL. Fin has also been busy with side projects.

However, writing and recording are only half the fun of a musical entity, and live shows are a place to hear compositions performed out of their element. Nightswim has played a number of concerts in the Los Angeles, CA and Jacksonville, FL areas over the past couple of years while recording.

Keep checking for new Nightswim dates!

Music back


    1. Last Few Seconds of July

    photo/layout/design: Brandon Sevestre


    1. Calm Down
    2. Daffodil Sky
    3. Fire and Snow
    4. Interstellar Gettogether
    5. I'm Not on the Moon
    6. Girl Afraid of Clouds
    7. Circle the Sun
    8. You're out of This World
    9. The Lost Astronaut

    photo: NASA
    layout/design: Marco Miraglia


    1. Fantastic Being
    2. Waiting Room of Your Mind
    3. All the Stars Are Our Gods

    illustration: Chris Nanney
    layout/design: Laurie Shipley


    1. Circle the Sun (Single Mix)

    photo: Giovanni Aloi
    layout/design: Marco Miraglia

  • WORLD 1-2 ENCORE (various artists)

    2. A Crook Man's Eyes (Mega Man 5)

    layout/design: Chris Furniss

  • POLICE STATE (various artists)

    2. Message In a Bottle (The Police)

    layout:design: Samuel Farmer


    1. Repliforce Mutiny (Mega Man X4)

    illustration: Denise Walker
    logo/layout/design: Brandon Sevestre

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Upcoming events:

check back soon for new dates

Past events:

12.11.15Los Angeles, CAThe LexingtonPBR Guest Fest
11.13.15Los Angeles, CAThe Lost Knightw/ Goon
10.24.15Los Angeles, CAThe Lost Knightw/ Kerrigan
12.07.13Jacksonville, FLDive BarAfter After Party
12.07.13Jacksonville, FLMuseum & GardensGAAM Festival
12.05.13Jax Beach, FL33 Star Clothing
10.25.13Jacksonville, FLTSIPixelated 6.0
10.13.13Jacksonville, FLShanty Townw/ Woven In
5.19.13Jacksonville, FLJack Rabbitsw/ Whole Wheat Bread
4.20.13Jacksonville, FLThe LandingOne Spark Festival
3.15.13Jacksonville, FLJack Rabbitsw/ General Tso's Fury
1.09.13Jacksonville, FL1904 Music Hallw/ The Blackout Heist
1.03.13Jacksonville, FLUnderbellyw/ Sundrenched

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